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Alba Foundation is working at the grass-root level to strengthen the education system, spread awareness about the importance of education and enroll as many children as possible so they can thrive in life. Millions of children are still denied their right to education because of poverty and financial challenges. We, Alba Foundation, support the education of poor children and help them with necessities like tuition fees, school supplies, uniforms, etc.


Alba Foundation interventions work to improve the access to quality healthcare services for the poor and marginalised communities. By identifying the root causes of healthcare challenges, we work at the individual, community, and systemic levels to develop innovative solutions and help implement quality healthcare services. The ambit of our work includes improving of maternal and


The youth comprises over one-third of the Indian population which in turn constitutes a major part of the labour force of the country. Alba Foundation through its Employment programme connects the unemployed or underemployed youth from disadvantaged groups and communities with the sectors which have large growth potential in terms of revenue generation and employability.

About Us

Who is Alba Foundation

Alba Foundation is none other than the people of India, when you have a thought to bring change for good; you belong to Alba Foundation - the call from within. We are a representative that makes your wishes come true, your willingness to make change for society and your utmost desire to abide by your inner feelings is what we do in Alba Foundation.

Alba Foundation welcomes each and everyone who wants to be part of "change - a new beginning” and contribute to a better tomorrow for thousands. We invite everyone to make your contribution in any possible way. Pave a way in this mission with a true determination and gear up to become a representative. We aspire to work with you, with your contribution. Hope to see a "legend in the league" for the mankind as a whole and totality.

Free Education For needy

To bridge the gap of the privileged and the underprivileged free education is provided for the needy. With research carried out, the reasons which are stopping education is poverty, unawareness of its benefits, accessibility and many other social issues so awareness programs are done first followed by execution of free education. We have around 48 kids whose educational care are taken by Alba Foundation till 12th standard.

Upto 100% Scholarships for Higher Education - Call Us : 81691 98200

Nowadays, education is becoming costlier day by day. It is not easy for all families to arrange fund for their wards' higher education in Bihar. So it is extremely difficult to provide their children with equal access to mainstream education for higher studies. Here, our ‘Alba Scholarships’ that make it possible for such financially weak students to continue their higher education and make their future better.

We, Alba Foundation, are providing upto 100% Scholarships for Engineering, Paramedical and Management courses. We have tied up with numerous Government Universities and colleges across the country under Alba Scholarships Program.


Blog Posts

September 25, 2023 # Comments

The Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) for Higher Education

The Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) measures the number of students enrolled in higher education as a percentage of the eligible population aged 18 to 23 years.

Overall, the GER for higher education has increased from 24.1 percent in 2016-17 to 27.3 percent in 2020-21. This positive trend indicates an increasing number of students enrolling in higher education. However, the data also shows a significant gap between male and female GER, with females consistently having lower GER than males across all years. In 2020-21, the difference in GER between males and females was 1.2 percentage points. In 2016-17, the GER for males was 24.3 percent, while for females, it was 23.8 percent. By 2020-21, the GER for males had increased to 26.7 percent, and for females, it had increased to 27.9 percent.

September 20, 2023 Comments

Low Participation of Muslims in Higher Education

It is well-known that these days practically all bright and promising students from Bihar whose parents can afford, migrate for higher education outside the State after completing the school education. Some of them migrate even earlier. However, since the economic condition of the Muslims in Bihar is generally weak, this kind of migration is less among them. The present survey shows that, out of every 100 Muslim households, only 3.4 and 2.6 students from the rural and urban areas respectively migrate for higher education.

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